Best Asian OnlyFans Girls to Follow in 2023

OnlyFans is jumping with all kinds of fun and exciting stuff. First, it was just another site, even after its launch in 2016. But its true claim to fame came in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The world was under lockdown, and people, mostly celebrities and top-shot entertainers, had to get ingenious and stay connected with their fans. OnlyFans came just in time to help with that.

Today, the platform is serving millions across the globe, from A-list Hollywood types, musicians, and models to adult entertainers. The engine is on full steam, and no matter the age, race, or body build; you can find just about any kind of girl you want on OnlyFans. For this post, we will share with you the best Asian girls to follow in 2023. Read on…

Beautiful JoJo Babie
Copyright: Heshan Perera on Unsplash I License: CC0 Public Domain

JoJo Babie

We start this off with JoJo Babie. JoJo Babie is by far one of the prettiest models you can find on OnlyFans. With a fantastic slim-thick body, JoJo Babie certainly is the toast of many who are into all kinds of kinky stuff. JoJo Babie was born in Kansas in 1988 and officially began her modeling career in 2010. She started first on Instagram, where she shares scintillating and provocative posts with her loyal fans.

Although she currently has over 5 million followers on Instagram, this Asian goddess has since pushed some of the action over to Onlyfans. At $14.99 a month, JoJo Babie treats her fans to the best exclusive content ever. From images to videos to premium pay-per-view content, JoJo is building quite a reputation for herself on the platform. She currently lives in LA. 


The next model you may want to check out is SincerelyM. SincerelyM is a wild Asian baddie with one of the best curves in the business. And yeah! She loves to flaunt her banging body in front of the camera without any apologies. If you are a bust lover, be sure to a load of SincerelyM’s wholesomeness. SincerelyM has some of the most perfectly round boobs that make her fans drool in awe.

Since moving over to OnlyFans, she has continued to spin the heads of thousands who follow her on the platform. What’s more interesting is that her account is completely free. So right there is your cue to follow her quickly in the event she intends to make it subscription-based in the future.


You may have already heard about Yui_xin_tw. Popularly known for her particularly large busts, Yui_xin_tw is an Asian beauty to behold. In addition to her stunning figure and natural endowments, this Chinese model also has beautiful that never fails to impress! And she knows this. This explains why she doesn’t hesitate to show it off at every chance she gets.

Since being on OnlyFans, Yui_xin_tw has earned the admiration and loyalty of many fans. For all the love she gets, she also returns the favor by leaving her account free for anyone to subscribe to. Yui_xin_tw has a wide range of content, from sexy still photos to raunchy hot videos. Simply hop on over to OnlyFans and follow Yui_xin_tw. You are certain to get a dose of the kind of stuff that tickles your fancy.

French Vanilla

Who can forget the sexy, luscious French Vanilla? This Asian beauty is a 23-year-old model that has left tongues wagging on OnlyFans. She makes this list simply for the near-perfect body, account activity, and fan engagement. For just $12 a month, French Vanilla offers her fans some of the best premium content you can find on the platform.

What a lot of people admire about this blonde sweetie is her down-to-earth personality and how she deals with her fans. French Vanilla is highly responsive and you can reach her within minutes of messaging her. She currently has over 30 photos and videos and 2,300+ likes on OnlyFans.


Yunyun is the last on our list. This cute Asian model is every man’s wish on OnlyFans. Interestingly, Yunyun runs two accounts. One is free, while the other is a paid account. 

Her free account offers sensually stimulating content for her teaming fans. The paid account on the account is reserved for persons willing to pay for more explicit/X-rated content.

So it is a great strategy to build a large fan repertoire. So if you feel you’ve had enough of the free stuff and want to upgrade, you can subscribe to Yunyun’s paid OnlyFans at just $16.99 a month. It’s worth it.

Yunyun in bikini
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Start Following These Asian Hotties

We’ve just shown you five of the hottest Asian girls to follow on OnlyFans in 2023. These are just a few mentioned, as there are a whole lot more. is where the magic happens these days. Looking to try OnlyFans today? You can get started with any of the ones listed above.